Growing healthy and diverse foodstuffs is a big problem in many places in the world and parts of South Africa suffer from this. How can people take care of their children and surroundings, if they have to worry about enough food on the table? Roots Up wants to address some of these problems by supporting local organisations


We also support Manyoni with the re-introduction and protection of vulnerable species in the wild. This in order to help save these species for future generations to enjoy.

Roots Up

What do we do.

We finance building staple gardens, vegetable gardens and food forests around local crèches.

We support agricultural training programs.

We support individual farmers and communities, who wants to improve their lives through changing their practices regarding agriculture, lifestock management and the use of communal areas.

We build tree and vetiver nurseries in order to support the improvement of individual farms and communal areas.

Where do we do it?

Research has shown that unspoiled natural surroundings have a significant positive influence on farming systems. They help with retaining water, bring fertility to the soil and harbouring useful insects and animals, which pollinate and eat pests. Therefore a large part of our program focuses on rehabilitating community surroundings.

How do we do it.

Roots Up was primarily set up to raise funds for specific projects in the communities and in the park. For now we have decided on a fixed allocation of donations. 75% of donations will go to community projects and 25% will go to specific projects in the park. In the future donors will be able to make these allocations themselves, as we will make it possible to donate towards specific projects.

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Our partners

Roots Up works with two partners in South Africa. African Conservation Trust (ACT) is the agricultural Partner. It was founded in 2000 and focuses on community, environmental & conservation and heritage programs.

Manyoni Private Game Reserve was founded in 2004, when 17 landowners dropped their fences to create a 23,000 hectare reserve. It has The Big Five and has been (and still is) instrumental in a number of programs to conserve endangered species and increase biodiversity.

Project timeline

18 februari 2021

New nurseries at Manyoni

The second half of February 2021 we started building the main tree and vetiver nurseries at the office site of Manyoni Private Game Reserve. Zimisele from ACT and the Future…
18 februari 2021

Covid update

Recent communications with our partners have indicated that the communities we work with are badly impacted by Corona. We have stories of young people with families dying and have even…